We specialize in tacos, burritos and quesadillas.  We have authentic tacos al pastor, carne asada, chicken, chorizo, and more.  Simply the best Mexican food this side of the border, there’s no wonder why L.A. Weekly has rated our food the #1 taco truck in L.A.

One of the best experience over here in LA

Chatos is amazing food truck. THE SELL QUALITY.

Tacos are really great but burritos are next level

Services is fast but guys this place is always busy so you have to wait for your food but it worthy

I love mexican food if you are in the area please go.


Olympic & La Brea IS WHERE IT’S AT  *fire emojis*

Got dragged here after a show in DTLA and soooo happy we came! Very large meat portions & cheap prices.


Here’s what you need to order. This is customized:
A combo burrito with carne asada, rice, beans, caramelized onions, cilantro, avocado, cheese, extra cheese and their famous spicy sauce.

^ Request mixed ingredients so you get a taste of everything within each bite.
Also, order a Horchata drink, extra sides of lime and grab plenty of napkins – you will be eating IN or ON your car lol.

You’re welcome.


This food truck is amazing. I ordered three items with sauce on the side: lengua taco, carne asada burrito, and al pastor quesadilla. Everything came out ready within 5 minutes. After reading the reviews, I had high hopes for the place. Little did I know that it would exceed my expectations. Parking can be a bit crowded, so be prepared to have an exit strategy when leaving the lot. There is street parking, too, if you don’t want to deal with finding a spot in the small parking lot.

CASH ONLY (there’s an ATM across the street with a $2.75 surcharge)

Lengua taco: It was small and I finished it in less than a minute, but there was so much flavor in each bite. It was only $1.25, so getting multiple tacos wouldn’t have been pricey at all.

Carne asada burrito: I was amazed to feel how soft this burrito was in its entirety. Usually, the ends of the tortilla come out harder than the body at other locations, but in this case, the entire tortilla was consistently soft. Every bite felt like the first time biting into the burrito. It was truly made with care and perfection.

Al pastor quesadilla: This was the best quesadilla I have ever had! I think this will be an item I will order upon every visit. If I had room for more, I totally would’ve ordered another one.

Keep it up, El Chato!


At Olympic & La Brea I see the long line of folks paying tribute to yet another taco truck. But this wasn’t just any truck. I’m glad I stopped by for a try. I ordered 2 pastor, 1 asada and 1 pollo. Everything was cooked and prepared to perfection. Each had their own salsa drizzled on top and I had no need to fix it anymore than it was already done.
I can see why the rivalry continues between theses guys and Leo’s. But tonight the winner for me is El Chato!


YES YES YES. These tacos are so amazing!! I ordered two vegan ones and while they were small, they were piled HIGH with deliciousness. Their mix of cilantro and onions is so fresh. The burritos looked massive. And the horchata was mouthwatering. While there is always a line, don’t be dismayed, it goes by really quick. And time from when you order to when you receive the food is fast.


My favorite taco/burrito place started off with El Taurino/King Taco.  After trying hundreds of more places, I moved on to El Flamming taco truck and that was my favorite for a very long time until I had El Chato again just recently.

I’ve tried El Chato a few times before when I didn’t really know Mexican food and I thought it was just another really good taco truck.  But now that I know a little more, I can safely say this is my current favorite taco/burrito joint.

I had al pastor burrito and oh man!!!  It was comparable to the burrito at Mission in SF!  It was SOOO juicy and flavorful it was unbelievable!  I also ordered al pastor taco, carne asada taco, and buche taco (pork belly) and they were all so very good!!!  The tortilla here is nice fluffy and thick but does not taste doughy but a little chewy.  I mean it’s perfect!!!

The only bad thing is that they don’t have the condiment station outside for pico de Gallo and other sides sauces like a lot of other places.

I can’t wait to be back!


Decent tacos at a decent price. While I can understand the excitement over the prices, I don’t think its worth the wait if there’s a line longer than 10 or so people. For the price, the value of the tacos are worth it. Pretty good tasting meat and salsas and this place deserves success. I don’t understand why people would wait close to an hour for the tacos though, which I foolishly did the first time I visited. Such a wait, in my opinion, is just not worth it. Sure it is a little bit better than other taco places, but not THAT much better. So give it a try if you’re in the area during off hours, and if you want to, wait a long while during peak hours, but if you do, temper your expectations or else you’ll likely be disappointed.


BEST TACOS EVER. What these tacos might lack in size, they make up for with insanely delicious flavors.

We got here around 8:40pm on a Saturday night & there were already two cars parked in the (very) small lot. Tip: If you find parking in the lot, park tail in so it’s easier to get out.

They actually opened around 9:05pm (ahem-late!!!) and there were already at least 15 parties in line! But once the windows opened & El Chato was finally in service, I heard gospel-like harp music playing in my head. Tip: Don’t want to wait in line/want parking? Get here at least 15 mins before opening.

We got 8 al pastor & 8 carne tacos + a side of grilled onions for only 20 bucks! (Grilled onions are free btw, so remember to ask for them). Avocado or cheese are an extra 25 cents but TBH I think these tacos taste better without. “Everything” includes the yummy red sauce, cilantro, onions, cucumber, radish & limes.

The line moves quickly, so bring a couple of friends & enjoy some delicious tacos!!